On January 3rd, 2021 I was driving my car when the name Washed Clothing came to me. I felt called to serve my city and when I heard the name... I knew it was something special. I went home and bought the domaine, made the instagram, and drafted the first business model. That night I posted a picture saying, "for every follow, I will give a shirt in return." The next week I went to Downtown, Phoenix with a plastic rack from Target and 25 t-shirts. I was filled with so many emotions as we began to walk to streets. The emotions ranged from extreme excitement to genuine fear of what we were doing would be accepted. This being said, it took about one hour for me to know what we had done that day was special. We met people whom I will remember for the rest of my life. The t-shirts we carried were not the reason why we were embraced... we were  accepted because we went with an open heart and open mind. This day changed my life, and I believe the act of giving will change others. 

Thank you, Washed