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Words from the people we meet

DUDE, thanks for these fresh shirts. All I need is some teeth and I will have all the ladies.

John - Adams & Central

You dont understand how important a clean shirt is to us. You have the opportunity to wake up and shower. We dont have a shower so a clean shirt is all we got.

Dreb - 1st & Central

Wait... you guys are giving these shirts away for free?

Paul - Adams & 3rd

People need to understand people.

Barney - Jefferson & 1st



Amber is a homeless woman who lives in Downtown Phoenix. She is an artist, friend, and understand what it feels like to be put aside from society. One day Amber decided to hand us a letter she had written 3 years previous. Please read her message and understand what it means to be Human.

We WASHED Santa Barbara

We have successfully completed our first washing of another city!!! Santa Barbara is just north of LA and home to many who live in the shadows. During our short time there we noticed a difference in community within SB versus Phoenix. It seemed to us that most of the people we encountered have not experienced such generosity. It was almost as if the people we talked to do not communicate to SB residents at all. We will continue to share our mission with others in hope to create change.

Who is Ray?

Ray is a comedian, a fashion icon, and a genuinely good human. Ray is also homeless and lives on the streets of downtown PHX. To show our support we teamed up with him to design a t-shirt. We were able to not only have him wear the shirt, but allow him to debut the design for our release. A portion of all sales went to getting Ray sheltered.