We want you to GIVE with us

We are opening our service to the public. Our goal is to unite those in need with those who can give. If you are willing, we would love for you to join us on our Local Tour. Click the link below to RSVP for the day(s) you are willing to serve with us.

Wash The City
  • We Washed Santa Barbara

    We have successfully completed our first washing of another city!!! Santa Barbara is just north of LA and home to many who live in the shadows. During our short time there we noticed a difference in community within SB versus Phoenix. It seemed to us that most of the people we encountered have not experienced such generosity. It was almost as if the people we talked to do not communicate to SB residents at all. We will continue to share our mission with others in hope to create change. 

  • Who is Ray?

    Ray is a comedian, a fashion icon, and a genuinely good human. Ray is also homeless and lives on the streets of downtown PHX. To show our support we teamed up with him to design a t-shirt. We were able to not only have him wear the shirt, but allow him to debut the design for our release. A portion of all sales went to getting Ray sheltered.

  • Wash The City

    We are more than your average clothing company. Washed was born from the idea that no one deserves to wear dirty clothes. Our mission is to provide those in need with smell good, feel good, and look good clothing.